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Tomba Tomba

This is a fun song, though you have to listen to the song to get the rhythm going.

Tomba Tomba (repeat)
A riki tiki tomba (repeat)
A moosa moosa moosa (repeat)
Wayla wayla wayla wayla (repeat)

Repeat the first three lines louder and louder each time, but do the “Wayla” do it very softly

On the final time, sing the first part soft and the “Wayla” loud.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where you might find this song, but as soon as I find it, I’ll update this!

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The Princess Pat

Since it’s been awhile since I was a scout myself, I often do some research to make sure the words I remember for these songs are complete.  When doing research, I found two different versions of this song.  First is the one I remember, then the second is a revision I found while looking. This is a “repeat after me” song.  The girls repeat the lyrics after each line is sung by the song leaders.  Whenever we sang it, we also made a crown over our heads with our hands! During the chorus, the song leader would hold the note of the words “made” and “called” during the chorus. This was one of my favorite songs!

The Princess Pat
Lived in a tree
She sailed across
The Barron Sea
She sailed across
The Channel too
And she took with her
a Rickabamboo

A Rickabamboo?
Now what is that?
It’s something made
By the Princess Pat
It’s red and gold
And purple too
That’s why it’s called
A Rickabamboo

Now Captain Jack
Had a mightily fine crew
They sailed across
The channel too
But his ship sank
And yours will too
If you don’t take
A Rickabamboo


This revised version is from and claims to be the original version, as sang by Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry of Canada

The Princess Pat’s Light Infantry
They sailed across the seven seas
They sailed across the channel too
And they took with them, the Rickadandoo.

The Rickadandoo, now what is that?
It’s something made by the Princess Pat
It’s red and gold, and purple too,
That’s why it’s called, the Rickadandoo.

Now Captain Jack, had a mightily fine crew,
They sailed across the channel too,
But his ship sank, and yours will too,
If you don’t take the Rickadandoo.

The Princess Pat, saw Captain Jack,
She reeled him in, and brought him back,
She saved his life, and his crew’s too,
And do you know how?—with the Rickadandoo.

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Boom Chicka Boom

The styles for this song can be changed or expanded on.  You can easily let the girls come up with their own versions and let their creativity take over.  Basically, the main part is just re-sung with the different vocal styles.  This is a repeat back style song, where the song leader sings the line and the girls sing it back.

I said a boom chick-a boom
I said a boom chick-a boom
I said a boom chick-a rock-a chick-a rock-a chick-a boom
Oh yeah
One more time…

Change style each time
Italiano style (boomba, rrrock-a)
Valley girl style (like, I said, like, a boom chicka boom)
Astronaut style (zoom chick-a zoom, take a rocket to the moon)
Opera Style
Janitor Style (broom sweep a broom, sweep-a mop-a)
Underwater style (using your finger to make underwater noises on your lips)
Southern Belle style
Broadway Musical Style

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