Moon on the Meadow

Moon on the Meadow

At camp we’d often end our closing all-camp campfire with slow songs.  Some of my favorites were Linger, Barges, and this one, Moon on the Meadow. We usually only sang the first two verses but the whole song is lovely.

Moon on the meadow
bugs in our ears,
Smoke in our eyes,
wet wood and tears.
On up the meadow,
water somewhere,
We were the only ones there.

Wild horse and Slushy,
Dry Lake, the Peaks,
finding the love there
ev’ry one seeks.
Hiking to rainbows,
sunsets and stars,
Just finding out who we are.

We will return here
one lucky day,
Out hearts will guide us,
they’ve learned the way.
People in cities
don’t under stand
falling in love with the land.

Moon on the meadow,
bugs in our ears,
Smoke in our eyes
wet wood and tears.
On up the meadow,
water somewhere,
With you, my friend, I am there.

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  1. Michelle Geoffrion |

    I believe the line is “wild horses rushing, dry lakes and peaks”

  2. Thanks !

  3. Debbie “Sky” Head |

    The song lyric is “Wild Horse to Slushy, Dry Lake, the Peak.”

    The song was developed by a group of Girl Scouts who were backpacking from Osito Rancho Girl Scout camp in the early 1970s. The camp is in the San Gorgonio mountains, near Big Bear Lake. The trail to San Gorgonio peak travels through areas named “Wild Horse”, “Slushy Meadow” and “Dry Lake” per the topographic map published by the US Forestry Service.

    I served, on staff, at Osito Rancho, summer 1979.

  4. Debbie,
    How wonderful to see your comment! I was a Girl Scout at Osito Rancho several summers around 1978-1980, and I remember this song fondly.

    I didn’t climb San Gorgonio until adulthood, but I’ll never forget when I learned the song.

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