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Rise Up O Flame

This is a great song to sing at any camp out as the fire is being lit.  It’s a great song to be sung in the round, and we usually just cut it off once the fire was nice and roaring.  There was a superstition I was told about as a young scout that if you didn’t sing the song, you’d have problems lighting the fire.

Rise up, O Flame by thy light glowing,
Show to us beauty, vision and joy.

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Black Socks

I remembered this song this morning while doing my laundry and can’t believe I forgot it! It’s typically sung in the round, which means you divide the girls up into usually 2-3 groups (depending on how many leaders or counselors you have to lead each group) and they start at different intervals. For this song, the new group should start singing after the 2nd line is complete.

Black socks, they never get dirty
The longer you wear them the blacker they get.
Some days I think I should launder them
Something keeps telling me don’t do it yet.

Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.


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