Boom Chicka Boom

Boom Chicka Boom

The styles for this song can be changed or expanded on.  You can easily let the girls come up with their own versions and let their creativity take over.  Basically, the main part is just re-sung with the different vocal styles.  This is a repeat back style song, where the song leader sings the line and the girls sing it back.

I said a boom chick-a boom
I said a boom chick-a boom
I said a boom chick-a rock-a chick-a rock-a chick-a boom
Oh yeah
One more time…


Change style each time
Italiano style (boomba, rrrock-a)
Valley girl style (like, I said, like, a boom chicka boom)
Astronaut style (zoom chick-a zoom, take a rocket to the moon)
Opera Style
Janitor Style (broom sweep a broom, sweep-a mop-a)
Underwater style (using your finger to make underwater noises on your lips)
Southern Belle style (heavy Southern accent)
Broadway Musical Style (sing to the back of the room)


  1. Nascar style: Vroom chicka Vroom.

  2. I totally forgot about that one. You rock 🙂

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