Rise Up O Flame

Rise Up O Flame

Rise Up O Flame is a great song to sing at any camp out as the fire is being lit.  It’s intended to be sung in an eight-part round, but we usually just cut it off once the fire was nice and roaring.  If it took too long, sometimes we’d sing it until we were sick of it or we’d usually cut it off and start it up again once the counselors broke to figure out why the dang fire wasn’t lighting! There was a superstition I was told about as a young scout that if you didn’t sing the song, you’d have problems lighting the fire. My “research” did not bear this out, but it’s a nice tale for the campers!

Rise up, O Flame by thy light glowing,
Show to us beauty, vision and joy.

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  1. Ha. At Seven Hills in Holland NY, we were told that singing this meant we’d never get the fire lit – it was a “banned” song!

  2. Ha, it was our good luck charm!

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