Woven Placemats

Woven Placemats

woven placematThese quick woven felt placemats are an easy craft that can even be done multiple times per year.  These can be decorated with different colors and designs, not just hearts for Valentine’s Day, but Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and more!

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Start with a sheet of purple felt.  Fold it in half.
  2. While the felt is still folded, draw a series of lines across the fold about 2″ apart.  Do not draw them all the way to the edge – leave about ½” at the edge.
  3. Use chalk and the ruler to draw the lines before cutting the felt.  Use a damp sponge afterward to wipe off the chalk once the mat is put together.
  4. Starting on the folded end of the felt, cut along all the lines.  When you unfold the piece of felt, there should be ½” border that is uncut.
  5. Using a sheet of pink felt, cut strips about 2″ wide that are as long as the width of the purple felt.
  6. Lay the purple felt on a table so it’s lengthwise.  Starting on the upper left corner, help the girls weave a pink strip down through the first slit, up through the second, down through the third, and so on through all the slits.
  7. Weave the second strip of pink through the purple so it alternates from the first strip.  Make sure that each new piece of felt is pushed up next to the previously woven piece.
  8. Continue weaving strips in this way until there’s no room for any more strips.
  9. When you’re done weaving, secure each strip of woven felt using glue.  You might also have to trim the woven edges a bit to make the edges of the place mat even.
  10. Trace a heart onto the red felt, and then a smaller heart onto the pink felt, trying to keep the same basic shape of the heart.  Cut out the pieces.  Only glue the edge of the “v” of the larger heart onto the mat as shown.  This will leave a pocket to hold the silverware.  Glue the smaller heart onto the larger heart.  Let dry before using your woven placemats!

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Adult supervision is required at all times.
  2. Adults should handle the scissors and cutting when working with younger girls.

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