Free Printable Camp Packing List

Free Printable Camp Packing List

Summer camp was the best times I had in Girl Scouts.  I started going to camp at 8, continued through high school in the Counselor-in-Training program, and worked as a counselor the first summer after high school.

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This fantastic resource for girls on their way to camp was shared with me.  It’s a free, printable packing list.  Included in this article are great tips for keeping the list durable so your girls can not only make sure they have everything they need before heading off to camp, but also make sure they didn’t leave anything behind when packing to come home!

7 thoughts on “Free Printable Camp Packing List”

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  2. I’m sorry you felt that way. I just double checked it to make sure they didn’t change the list from when I posted this and, aside from the gym section, this is a pretty good starter for camp.

  3. Thanks for the list. We’re in LA and I like to camp. Didn’t want to re-create a new list for our girls. it was very helpful.

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