Snowman Glass Ornament

The snowman glass ornaments are a great holiday project for girls of all ages.  Younger girls may require a bit more help with shaping the clay pieces, but that’s where the creativity can come through.  The project takes about 30 minutes, baking included.

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Knead clay for 2 minutes before shaping.
  2. Remove metal cap/hanger from the ornament.  Remove the wire hanger from the cap and set it aside.  Make a red clay disk slightly larger than the diameter of the ornament cap.
  3. Wrap the red clay disk around the edges of the ornament cap.  Using the 2 mm pointer tool from the starter set, poke holes through the red clay so the holes in the cap remain open to replace the hanger later.
  4. Make 2 wide red strips for the headband and 2 large red domes for the ear muffs.  Then make 2 medium black disks for eyes and 3 little disks for the mouth.  Make 2 tiny white eye highlights and an orange cone shape for the nose.
  5. Place the face pieces firmly onto the ornament, making sure each piece follows the curve of the glass.  With the blunt point tool from the starter set, texture the ear muffs.  With the flat knife tool, texture the nose.  Make sure the clay covered cap will go back on and that the ear muff headband does not interfere with the fitting of the cap.
  6. Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 275° F for 15 minutes per 6 mm of thickness.  To keep the ornament from rolling around in the oven, make a little bowl from foil for it to sit in.
  7. Allow the ornament to cool completely, then gently remove the clay pieces.  Glue them back on permanently and allow to dry.  The clay cap covering will not need to be glued on.
  8. Replace the wire hanger into the holes of the cap.  Fill the ornament with the white tree garland.  Replace the cap and add the ribbon.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Do not use unbaked clay on unprotected furniture or finished surfaces.  Good working surfaces include glass or metal, disposable foil or wax paper.
  2. Do not use a plastic ornament or it will melt in the oven.  Glass only.
  3. Do not use in a microwave oven.
  4. All banking should be completed by an adult.
  5. Wash hands after use.

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