Stadium Pillows

Stadium Pillows

diy stadium pillowsStadium pillows are a fantastic project for any troop of any age.  While my directions mention a football design, you can customize it for any sport and use any combination of colors to represent either professional, local teams or the girls’ school colors.  The project is designed to be glued together, but if your girls are older you could easily alter the directions to sew the seams of the stadium pillows instead of glue.

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Reference this post from for a football pattern.
  2. Cut the tote bag along the side to open.
  3. Cut one handle from the bag.
  4. Draw a football with the pencil in center of tote.
  5. Have an adult follow the directions on the letters and iron the letters onto the tote to say “Go Team”.
  6. Pour out a small amount of the brown and white paints onto a paper plate.  Use a paintbrush to fill in the football design and let dry.  Use white to make side and center lines.
  7. Using white slick paint bottle, draw stitch marks on the ball.  Let dry.
  8. Glue sides of tote together, let dry.
  9. Fill opening with pillow form or Poly-fil and glue closed.
  10. Glue ribbon along sides and top of tote.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Adults only should handle the iron and iron on the lettering.
  2. Adult supervision is required.


  1. Marcy Houting |

    These are super cute! Only the link to the pattern is no longer valid. Does anyone have the pattern?

  2. Hi Marcy,
    The pattern was for the football image, not for the sewing. It’s not 100% necessary but I did find these instructions for making a football out of paper that you could easily do with felt instead!

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