Summer Sand Bucket & Water Bottle

In truth, this is less of a creation craft and more of a decoration and personalization craft.  This is IDEAL for a Daisy troop… perfect for that young age range, not very messy, and no real construction required.  This can easily be completed in a 30 minute meeting.  Depending on the size of your troop, you can also get them involved in picking out the decorations you use by taking a field trip to the craft store to get the supplies the week before you do this activity.

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:

  • Plastic sand pail with shovel.
  • Permanent markers in various colors.
  • Foam glitter stickers.
  • Self-stick gems.
  • Plastic water bottle.


  1. Use permanent markers to draw loopy flowers onto pail.
  2. Remove the backing from glittered foam flowers and place in the center of the drawn flowers.
  3. Embellish the flowers and leaves with self-adhesive gems.
  4. Remove the backing from the wave pieces and place at the top and bottom of the water bottle.
  5. Remove the backing from the fish and starfish and place on bottle.
  6. Embellish with the self-adhesive gems.

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