Egg Carton Flowers

Mary's Garden Bouquet~ 2 of 3 photosThis Egg Carton Flowers craft is a great project around Easter or Mother’s Day for Brownie and Junior girls.  It’s a great project for the girls to create small bouquets to give to their mothers, sisters, or anyone special to them.  The colors of paint suggested make a nice light palette, but feel free to use different colors to coordinate with the holiday or season nearest to when you decide to do this project.  It can be a bit messy, but can also easily be completed in a 30 minute troop meeting.

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Materials Needed:


  1. Cut egg cartons apart, giving you individual “egg cups” to craft with.
  2. Use scissors to shape flowers, cut slits and create leaves.
  3. Using the clothespin to hold your flower and leaves, paint as desired.  Turn some of the egg cups upside down and glue to the center of another cup to create different sizes and looks.
  4. Combine colors and shapes.  Layer flowers with 2 or more cups.
  5. Have an adult poke small holes in the bottom of the cups and insert the chenille stems through the hole for the stem.  Twist end of stems inside the cup to hold; add glue if needed.
  6. Glue pom poms to center of flower.
  7. Glue leaf shapes to chenille stem.  Let dry completely before handling.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Spray the egg cartons with antibacterial spray before using to ward off any harmful bacteria.

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