Square Foam Candle Holder

I’ll be the first to admit that the words “foam” and “candle” don’t typically belong in the same sentence!  But in this case, there is actually a glass candle holder between the glass and the foam.  This is a great project for older girls who are more likely to be allowed to burn candles at home.  The design of papers and embellishments used can be altered to match any room decor, favorite color or theme, or holiday!

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Place the glass votive holder on top of the craft foam block and trace with a pencil.  Use the serrated knife to cut on the traced line, cutting down approximately 2″.  Use a spoon to remove the foam from the cavity and shape it squarely.  Make sure the votive holder fits before moving on.
  2. Cut the base scrapbooking paper into two 6″ x 12″ pieces.  One side at a time, apply the glue to the block and wrap the paper around, smoothing to ensure there are no air pockets or wrinkles.  Glue the second piece around the other side and trim at the seam.
  3. Fold and glue the edges at the top and bottom of the block.  Cut at the corners to remove any excess.
  4. For the top and bottom of the block, cut two 5″ squares from the scrapbooking paper and glue to the top and bottom.  For the top, cut slits in a pie pattern on the back covering the opening of the block.  Glue and fold to the inside of the opening.  To line the opening, cut a 2″x9″ piece of paper.  Apply the glue and inser the paper.
  5. Attach the grosgrain ribbon around the base of the block to accent, overlapping the ends.
  6. Replace the glass votive holder into the block.  To add another design touch, display your foam block on top of contrasting fabric, furniture, or paper to really pop.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Adults should supervise the use of the serrated knife.

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