Paper-Embellished Luminaries

Paper-Embellished Luminaries are a great project for both younger girls and older girls.  You can use these luminance bags to decorate for a awards ceremony, or theme them for a holiday to decorate a house hold.  This project shouldn’t require much skill and should be able to be done in about 45 minutes.  You can make a trip out of going to a craft store to learn more about scrapbooking papers and let the girls pick out their favorite sheets, or buy a multi-pack using a theme.  Another alternative to the decorative scrapbooking paper is plain construction paper.

Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Wash glass containers.
  2. Measure height of glass containers.  Cut a piece of scrapbook paper 12″ plus the height.  Use decorative-edge scissors along bottom and top edge.  Center this piece round the glass container.  It will fit the 3″ square glass overlapping by 1/8″.  On the large containers, the 12″ width will not cover completely.  Measure the height and cut 2 pieces, 12″ wide plus the height.  Wrap the tape measure around the containers to get the amount needed to cover completely and add 1/8″.  Cut this measurement from the second piece.
  3. Wrap scrapbook paper around glass containers and use your fingers to crease on all corners.  Remove paper and crease all folds.
  4. To make the cutout designs, place the paper punch along the folds to reach the center section and along the corner edges.  Make soft folds in the center of the paper to punch this area.  Align the punch along the soft folds.  Punch firmly.
  5. Once you have punched the entire area, including the extra piece, use double-sided tape to hold paper to the glass, beginning with the largest piece.
  6. Tape ribbon in place overlapping the ends slightly.  Secure with double sided tape.
  7. Place flame-less candles inside for a soft glow.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Use flame-less candles instead of real candles.  The paper is highly flammable, of course, so the flame-less candles will make the project safe for girls of all ages.
  2. Paper trimmers for cutting the large initial pieces should be used by adults when working with younger girls, or with adult supervision when working with older girls.

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