Girl Scout Birthday March 12th!

Girl Scout Birthday is March 12th, commemorating the day that Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the first 18 girl members. You can have a great birthday party in your meeting that week to celebrate the start of something pretty special for millions of girls for the last 98 years!

The Girl Scout store is selling a lot of patches for the event, so be sure to order enough for all the girls in your troop to commemorate your party.  My favorite is the Celebrate Girl Scout Week patch.  If you want to have a great birthday party for Girl Scouts, Birthday in a Box has great Fairy Party Ultimate Birthday Box that would be great for younger girls.  Of course, depending on when you usually have your meetings, you can also tie in a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a St Patrick’s Day Party Deluxe Box.

Regardless of what you do, be sure to teach the girls all about Juliette Gordon Low and the beginning of the Girl Scouts.  It’s important that we know where we came from, and helping the girls to understand the organization they’re a part of will do just that.  There is a fountain of information available on the Girl Scouts website.

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