Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion

This is a fun summer time song when at camp or out hiking locally.  Since mosquito bites are fairly common in the summer time, this is a song that all the girls will have fun with and be able to relate to.  I’ve had a few experiences where I had to explain to a girl what Calamine Lotion is, but it’s worthwhile for the connection they’ll make when singing the song.

Calamine, Calamine, Calamine Lotion
Ooo, no no no not the lotion
Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy
Ooh I got one on my back-y
Quick, get the bug spray!
I think he went that way!
Fwssst. Ugh. I got that bug.


  1. What is the melody to sing the words to?

  2. I’m trying to find it for you!

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