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Jingle Bell Wreath

Jingle Bells 2This Jingle Bell Wreath is a great holiday project for older girls.  Depending on how well your girls’ motor skills are, you might attempt this project with a younger set of girls, but try doing this yourself to see how difficult it is for you before having girls attempt it.

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Make a circular loop with the heavy gauge floral wire.
  2. String bells along wire and fit them closely together around the length of the loop.
  3. Use a pipe cleaner to wind around the bells at either end of the loop to hold the wreath shape together in a circle.
  4. Tie a bow around a pipe cleaner and then tie that pipe cleaner around the part of the loop that was joined together.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Adult supervision is required.
  2. Have all the materials ready before beginning the project.
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Merry Christmas from Girl Scout Guide!

It’s been a great year, and I wish I’d have been able to post more for you, but I’m just getting warmed up.  I wish you all a very fantastic Christmas and a terrific new year.  I pledge to be able to post more badge work activities in 2010 as I upgrade my badge books to the current versions as a Christmas present to myself!

To you & yours, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

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Clothespin Reindeer

This Clothespin Reindeer is a great easy craft for younger girls.  I used to make these with my grandmother too, so it’s a great family craft.  You can use these very basic instructions or allow the girls to embellish the reindeer clothespins more with paints, glitter, ribbons, etc.  Super easy and super cheap.

Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Paint wood area of three clothespins Honey Brown.  Let dry.
  2. Position two clothespins side-by-side and adhere with glue.
  3. Position third clothespin in opposite direction and adhere to small end of double clothespins for reindeer head.
  4. Position and adhere eyes and pom pom nose.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Adults should work with the hot glue gun only.
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