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Man robs San Antonio Brownie Girl Scouts selling cookies

SAN ANTONIO  — A robber and his accomplice in a getaway vehicle stole about $250 from a group selling Girl Scout cookies, leaving one of the girls “devastated.”

Members of a Girl Scout Brownie troop and two adults were selling cookies outside a Walgreen’s drugstore in San Antonio Wednesday night when a man walked out of the store and grabbed a bag containing proceeds from the cookie sales — about $250 and a check — police said. A woman driving a vehicle picked up the robber, and the couple drove off, according to police.

The store manager, Patricia Grohman, told the San Antonio Express-News that she ran outside when she heard screams.

“One little girl was just devastated, and she was very frightened,” she said. “She had worked so hard to earn that money, so I just tried to calm her down and make sure she was OK.”

Grohman said Walgreen’s customers have donated money that will be presented to the troop.

This is an older story from February 21st, but I felt the need to comment.  Brownies are generally between 5-7 years old, on average.  What kind of person steals from a 6 year old girl?!  This is tragic to say the least.

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