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Crafty Gift Guide 2015

afflinksincludedSometimes it’s worth investing in some cool craft gadgets for your troop!  Or, as a gift for your favorite troop leader!  We hope that this Crafty Gift Guide will help lead you in the right direction for your favorite troop leader, troop mom, or just generally crafty friend!  This equipment and supplies will really step up your game.  And pay attention to the $300 savings on that laser printer!  Supplies are limited on that one!

Before you point out that a Girl Scouts Cookie Oven isn’t really related to crafts, COME ON how awesome is this?!  Why wasn’t this a thing when we were kids?  It’s been thrown in for fun! Click the image to enlarge it a bit if you need.

Crafty Gift Guide 2015

  1. Cricut Explore Air™ Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set ($379.99 |
  2. Beadsmith RV Beading Loom ($49.99 | Create and Craft)
  3. Girl Scouts Cookie Oven ($48.98 | Sears)
  4. Plaid Adhesive Vinyl ($3.25 per roll | Happy Crafters)
  5. Canon MF212w Mono MFP Wireless Laser Multifunctional Printer/Copier/Scanner ($399.99 $99.10 |
  6. Happy Press – 15″ x 15″ – Nearly New T-Shirt Press ( $316.00 | Happy Crafters)
  7. Singer 8763 Curvy Electronic Sewing Machine ($179.99 |
  8. Essential 40 Color Embroidery Starter Kit With Rack ($79.99 | | 10% off w/ code SAVE10)
  9. Xyron 250 Create-A-Sticker Machine ($19.99 |
  10. Adult Coloring Books ($5.99 – $24.99 |
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Foam Water Bottle Holder

With all the outdoor activities that girl scouts do, it’s important to bring along a lot of water to stay hydrated.  This is a great craft for a meeting before a camping or hiking trip.  Remember to get a variety of foam stickers so the girls’ creativity can run wild with different designs to fit their personalities.  The alphabet stickers are important for personalization, but if the girls would rather just use stickers to personalize the bottle holders, you can always write their names on the bottom of the can hug with a permanent marker.

There’s not much mess involved with this project – just the paper backings from the stickers that need to be cleaned up at the end of the meeting.

Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. Cut three 24″ pieces of ribbon.  Braid the ribbons together to create the handle.
  2. On opposite sides of the can hug, punch 2 holes for attaching the handle.
  3. Thread the braided ribbon through the holes and secure with a knot.
  4. Remove the paper backing from the foam stickers to decorate the bottle holder as desired.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Always observe the children when using scissors.

Try looking at craft stores for the pre-made can hug.  If you cannot find one, use foam sheets and glue to make one.  Use a standard 16 oz. water bottle to judge the correct size.

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