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Ice Candles

This was one of my most memorable projects while at camp, and one of the super easiest!  It sticks out in my memory because we made traditional dipped candles every year at camp, but this was something new and different.

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Materials NeededMaterials Needed:


  1. For larger candles, wash and dry the inside of a wax-lined milk carton.  For smaller candles, use wax-lined paper cups.  They should be clean enough out of the package that you won’t need to wash them first.
  2. Use or make a tapered (dripped) candle to use as the center to avoid having holes around the wick.
  3. Break wax into chunks and estimate how much you’ll need to fill half of the carton. Too much is always better than not enough.
  4. Make a double boiler by putting about an inch of water in a saucepan. Set a clean coffee can upright in the water.
  5. Set the heat to low and melt the wax in the coffee can.
  6. Add dye chips if you want colors. (you can substitute old crayons pieces)
  7. Fill the carton with ice cubes.
  8. Pour the melted wax on top of the ice.
  9. Let it cool.
  10. Pour out the water.
  11. Tear away the carton.
  12. Wait a few days before burning the candle – it needs time to dry.

Safety TipsSafety Tips!

  1. Always have adult supervision around hot wax.
  2. An adult should operate the double boiler.
  3. Steps 9-12 can be done by the troop leader between meetings since there may not be time during one meeting.  If in a camp setting, you can hold onto the candles until the groups’ next arts & crafts time.
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