Stealing from Girl Scouts? Be ASHAMED!

Of course, when I see a headline regarding the Girl Scouts I have to look.  With the sensational nature of the news media in the United States, it’s usually not good news.  I hadn’t heard this story before this one, which was regarding ther verdict, but this woman should be ashamed of herself.

DAYTON, Ohio – A former Ohio Girl Scouts leader has agreed to pay the organization $20,000 as restitution for stealing money from a cookie account and using it for vacations, groceries and other personal expenses.

Prosecutors say Tamara Jo Ward had access to a bank account the Dayton-based troop used to deposit cookie sales revenue that was to pay for the troop’s recreational activities.

The 45-year-old Ward pleaded guilty in April to grand theft.

Under a restitution agreement, she’ll pay $5,000 up front. She’ll also pay $250 a month during a five-year probation and spend 30 days in jail.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio staff representative Marcia Dowds attended Thursday’s court hearing. She says the agreement allows everyone in the case to move on.

Stealing from a non-profit organization is despicable.  I’m not usually a terribly judgemental person, but I’m passionate about the organization and what it does for young girls.  I’m more passionate about this than any semblance of a religion, so this fires me up.  I hope this woman is kept far, far away from Girl Scouts and that people learn a lesson to not steal from Girl Scout troops!

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